Below shows results from one of my clients HD Brows regrowth programme journey.  She first came to see me in April 2016 wanting to change the shape of her brows.  We started a regrowth programme, initially allowing the brows some time to grow in so I had hair to shape when she came back for her second appointment - fortunately her hair is very fast growing so this process didn't take as long as may do with slowing growing brows. I kept the brows quite thick after the second treatment as the were still some gaps in them.  I then showed my client how to use makeup products to achieve the look in between appointments.  After the third treatment I was able to start slimming them down and bring the arch down. The brows were also starting to thicken up so this also meant my client didnt need to use so much pencil in between treatments.  In September my client returned for her fourth treatment and we got another great result, I have been able to move the arch down, flatten out and the brow is now quite full.